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August 21, 2018
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There are several memorable and amazing points in a woman’s life, one of which is pregnancy and the happiness of child birth. Despite the joys of motherhood, factors like raging hormones, your body entertaining it’s new state, the demands of catering for the home and a new born coupled with massive exhaustion can be a tremendous overwhelming factor that can quickly Zap your bliss if left unchecked.

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In response to the Postnatal need for care, comes the existence of Postnatal support from a Doula. Now, I understand that this may be new to you, or you’re just getting to understand that this, indeed, is a thing

However, birth is the starting point of the most fascinating adventure of a lifetime. To be part of this beautiful journey, I  have a commitment to supporting  women  from the stage of pregnancy right through to the birth and finally the Postnatal period.

This brings us to why you NEED a postnatal plan.

Postnatal Doula Services in London

While Things Get Crazy, I Help You Maintain Your Calm

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, caring for your baby and still putting up with your daily responsibilities, there can be a whole lot of moments when you feel like just taking a step back to recoup and gain back lost fuel. Because I understand this need, I’ve got you covered.

A postnatal Doula gives relieving support for both mother/parent and child inclusive of the wider family. I understand that there may be, moments when, family members are too far away to render any form of assistance or they may indeed be close by, but are not exactly helpful.

What’s more, your partner may have a back to work due date coming up pretty soon. At such moments, it just looks so much like it’s you, your baby/ies and your piled up responsibilities against the world. In cases like this, every need to fret is completely absorbed by my presence. I can even help you with practical things like popping to the shop to purchase a basket of groceries or basic necessary items.

You don’t have to bother about the laundry because I will sort it out in the quickest possible way, before you even remember it exists.  Also, just before you get lost and forget yourself in the hurry, a postnatal Doula, provides you with the much needed reminder to attend to your own basic needs such as sleep, wash, eat or pee. As a highlight of my services, I don’t just nurture your baby , I nurture you as well therefore giving you the opportunity to bond with your bundle of joy and cater for your other children effortlessly.

Doula East London - The Adventure Begins

Going through the process of birth and then raising your little one does not have to be a strenuous, draining activity. You should be able to enjoy every moment of fresh motherhood. As an outreach to new mothers, a  Doula comprises of people with the most compassionate hearts and faultless show of love.  All that’s needed is a call from you and your worries are out the door because we will be with you every step of the way.


Having Lorrell as your Doula will make an experience that isn’t short on laughter, genuine connection and sprinkled with an array of generous and thoughtful gifts – No stone will be left unturned to help you feel like the amazing, strong and powerful person that you are and really appreciating and highlighting  the importance of this being one of the biggest events in your life.

Lorrell Ileena- London Doula- Bespoke Doula Services


I Support Families as a Doula in London & Surrounding Areas Providing Birth and Postpartum Doula services.

Lorrell is a Mother, Doula, Educator and Visionary- She is bringing a ‘refreshing change’ to the landscape of birth and what it means to be a pregnant person navigating the maternity system. Lorrell believes when we demand to be seen, heard and harness our powers in pregnancy birth and parenthood,  we will create huge change for the experiences of birthing people and babies worldwide.



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