Why is the postnatal period so important?

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February 8, 2019
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Why Should we care about the postnatal period?

support for new mums london- postnatal doula london- postnatal support- new baby helpRecovery from birth is intense! 

You have been through a long pregnancy where your body has shifted and expanded and now you have experienced birth – this may have been a simple vaginal birth, it may have been a long hard birth lasting days, perhaps it was traumatic in some way or you could have had surgery to bring your baby earthside- whether by choice or an emergency.

After any of these experiences – your body has experienced something major, something that has altered your body and therefore you must be given a period of time to rest, restore and recover. As is practiced in traditional cultures worldwide (a whole world of women can’t be wrong!)

Community after birth is SO vital. Families now usually have themselves and their partner and if they are lucky, a parent or a friend to come over with food.
How can we do this if we have no solid support around?

We are expected to brush ourselves off and jump off the recovery bed going back to our lives as it was before, forgetting ourselves – to eat good food , to sit down, to shower, to take a nap – a perfect recipe for overwhelm and exhaustion – NO WONDER the incedent of postnatal depression is rising.

This is where I come in. As a postnatal doula I am there to help you rest, show you how to care for your baby and encourage you to discover your natural flow as a new family and listening to your instincts. I am not there to tell you what to do or interfere with your bonding and feeding – the care is all tailored to meet your changing needs and requirements for you to feel confident, rested, and recovered from birth.

London Doula

Postnatal Doula Support London

I provide the company – a non judgemental, calming presence for you and your family. A safe space to be vulnerable and show emotion, to unpack your birth experience, to share in your highs and lows of parenting and answer your questions no matter how silly or embarrassing you think they sound. 

When you are ready to step outside of your blissful bubble I can assist you with connecting to your local community of other parents – those first few trips out with a baby can be kind of scary so I’ll be right there by your side helping you with whatever you and the baby need. Being a reassuring prescence and sorting the nappy bag so nothing crucial is forgotten!

I want to remind you that you matter, that your feelings and thoughts are valid and to embrace all of your weird, wonderful and beautiful parts that make up the puzzle that is you

I want to make sure you are eating great food that is feeding your body what it needs to restore, repair and make milk for your baby

I want you to laugh and have fun and enjoy yourself

I want you to feel connected to your body, your baby and your partner (if you have one)

I want you to feel supported and safe, truly listened to and heard

Buying the expensive beautiful cot, the designer pram, the bottle making machine, the swing, the baby cocoons… these can all be great tools and I can help you with deciding what to get , but they do not prepare you for the TRUE reality of birth, postpartum and parenting a newborn .

I will be meeting with you to plan and prepare for this time so that you are clear on what to expect and then follow through by being there for you to implement everything and keep everything running smoothly – like a well oiled machine!

Invest in education for yourself and in emotional and physical support during the biggest transition of your life from a Doula ❤️

If you have any questions about how I can support your families needs during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, please do get in touch and we can chat

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