What About Intuition? (Decision making)

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October 11, 2019
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October 11, 2019
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You can also have piles of evidence and studies but what about intuition? That gut feeling that just *knows* something is right or wrong.

Why can’t we use that to make decisions about things nowadays? Seems to have just gone out of the window…

Now when I talk about making decisions, its not just for induction, but anything pregnancy or birth related. We look to outside sources constantly to inform our desion making -rather than within and taking control and responsibility over our care and our pregnancies.

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Looking within and taking responsibility over yourself means knowing your body and baby so well that we know exactly when something is ‘off’ and requires further attention or investigation with a care provider. We can even take some basic tests on ourselves at home that don’t even require a visit to a clinic or hospital they are that simple and perfectly fine to do by a ‘lay person’. Did you know this?

Did you know it is not compulsory to attend antenatal appointments? Did you know what the tests are for and if you truly need them on each visit?

Do you know what is usual for you or do you rely on someone else to tell you and record that? Why do we feel the need to have all the research studies, all the books and articles, to have the professionals look over the most basic tests when WE are the experts in our bodies and babies?

We think in the age of science, we can know and control everything but we can’t. Pregnancy and birth is not as simple as a series of movement, stages of labour and hormones. It is not a collection of numbers and test results. As our bodies and minds and lives are unique – so is your pregnancy. 

Guidelines don’t account for ALL situations and can’t measure everything. The same goes for research. There will always be gaps and it will always be ageing the more time goes on . So whilst research and guidelines are a great base to start with, they dont trump your personal knowledge and authority over your individual pregnant body.

So much about pregnancy and birth is UNKNOWN AND UNSEEN. The tiny delicate changes and communication between mother/birthing person and baby through this experience. The magical ,the mystical and unexplainable events that we can, and probably have disrupted with various interventions- our attempt to control and tame an unpredictable, magical and wild life event.

We are not invincible as humans yet we like to think we are and have become afraid of taking ‘risks’ or breaking the rules.

Entering the space of inbetween in labour where your soul leaves your body – the closest kiss to death you have ever experienced can only described as magical, spiritual and powerful

So when you make decisions, and when you want to make an assessment: start by looking INSIDE yourself and doing what feels best for you. From a place of deep knowing and intuition and personal responsibility for your pregnancy and birth experience.

Lorrell Ileena X

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