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February 13, 2019
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Would you love to receive support during your pregnancy, early labour and postnatal period  exclusively via video message, phone and email? My “V-Doula” Support would be great for you – suitable for families worldwide, with the power of the internet!


Whats included?

During your pregnancy we will have a series of online meetings 

Getting to know one another, chatting and working through any concerns, fears or anxieties you or your partner may have.

I help you to think about and decide on your place of birth that is aligned to your values and supportive of your wishes, plus help put the building blocks in motion to create a  powerful, beautiful, amazing birth experience that feels right for YOU and that also feels fulfilling. We will also work on your birth preferences, go through the items for your hospital bag, explore the powers of positive mindset, as well as encouraging you to tap into your fierce inner instincts!

Every kind of birth will be explored in depth and of course I will be arming you with a toolbox of tricks, techniques and coping measures for your comfort in labour.

Debriefing after your appointments to get clarity on what was discussed or advised, and clue you up on your birth rights

Support during early labour for comfort and reassurance, answering your questions and worries

Continuous phone and email support throughout your pregnancy

Personalised postnatal plan for a blissful baby-moon

Availability to talk via phone and email for 8 weeks postpartum to support your emotional well-being and recovery

UK families only: Pregnancy and Postnatal treats: Consisting of a gorgeous hamper of items that are sourced from either ethical or local/parent owned businesses. Your hamper will be filled with a whole range of  thoughtful gifts, essentials and specialist products you’ll need to feel healthy and energised for pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery.

Regardless of what kind of birth you choose to plan for or what environment it takes place in, as your Doula, you have my full support with whatever decision you make

If you are not sure about this pregnancy I am open to creating a safe space where you are able to discuss your thoughts and feelings without judgement

Investment: From £250 – Contact Me for more information and pricing

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