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I want a ‘SENIOR’ Doula!
November 17, 2018
“You don’t need a Doula”
November 19, 2018
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Feedback from families I have supported

“You will immediately feel calm in Lorelle’s presence, she creates a relaxing atmosphere and makes you feel like it’s ok, no judgement. And she makes an awesome cup of coffee which as every new mum knows is sometimes very much needed!
I highly recommend Lorrell as your doula for pregnancy and beyond”

“Lorrelle is quite simply an amazing woman. She is genuinely interested and cares about women’s health and instinctively knows and understands how to help and support during pregnancy, birth and post natal care. Lorrelle always listens intently which i feel is something that’s overlooked by many health care professionals. To be listened to is very important and good communication is crucial to ensure you receive the best level of care that you and your baby deserve. She is a wonderful advocate for women, she never gives up and will work tirelessly to deliver the best service she can that is the perfect fit for your family”

“A mother herself, Lorrell understands the struggles a first time mum can face so she is on point and up to date with ideas to help which have come from experience, research and that all important super power, natural mummy instinct. Having a nursing background also means she can offer you a broad spectrum service as she has a great understanding of both main stream and more natural ways of going through pregnancy and birth”

” She is a great listener, easy to talk to and so kind I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me and my family. Nothing is ever too much for Lorrell even though I am always asking her questions, she always gets back to me quickly. She is so knowledgeable and has really been a god send… ”

“Lorrelle has such a calming voice, and her advice is always so clear and informative.
She has helped me with a few issues over pregnancy and really helped me to relax and rationalise my worries. Not only does she give advice but she backs up any facts with some reading material or points me in the right direction so I’m not just taking her word for it. Advice like that is invaluable.”

“I was a bit scared about giving birth – you hear all these stories! Then I met Lorrell, and she gave me suggestions and the reassurance I needed in my third trimester. You know how some people are just a natural at providing comfort and support? She’s one of those types of doulas! ”

“When I was pregnant I met Lorrell at a positive birth group when she was sharing her homebirth story . She was very confident in her choices and this inspired me to proceed preparing for my own homebirth. Her husband was on board as well. During my pregnancy I kept in touch with Lorrell and she reassured me about any doubts I had. After I had my baby we stayed in touch and shared a lot of interest in improving maternity services for women in the community”

“Lorrell is a gentle soul, she has all the patience, and will listen with a practical ear to help you find your own path. ❤️

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