So a Doula..That’s like a Midwife, right?

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January 11, 2019
Black Mothers are dying- Doulas can be part of making a change
January 16, 2019
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“A Doula? so that’s like a midwife, right?”

Doulas and midwives are both strong advocates for believing in the normal process of birth – so we have this in common!

I share great sources of information, encouraging words, physical support and emotional support for expecting families

In the postnatal period I help the family settle into life with a newborn by really loving on the new parents, making sure that rest is a priority and assisting with little tasks around the house and giving the new parents a break away from the baby if they want it
So to make it clear, I wont be performing any medical tasks a midwife does such as examinations to check the cervix or giving medication

I am like a personal coach for pregnancy- by your side each step of the way, supporting you and recognising you as the amazing individual you are! ❤️


London Doula- Am I the Doula for you?

Lorrell Ileena- London Doula – Bespoke Doula Services


Lorrell is a Mother, Doula, Educator and Visionary- She is bringing a ‘refreshing change’ to the landscape of birth and what it means to be a pregnant person navigating the maternity system. Lorrell believes when we demand to be seen, heard and harness our powers in pregnancy birth and parenthood,  we will create huge change for the experiences of birthing people and babies worldwide




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