Pregnancy and Woman’s Circle Gathering

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April 4, 2019
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October 11, 2019
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Pregnancy and Women’s Circle Gathering

doula in london

We invite you to our new bi-monthly women’s circle. A safe, open, inclusive and friendly space for us to talk, journal, connect, share and create as we navigate our pregnancies, menstrual cycles and motherhood/parenthood 

The group will be hosted by Myself- Lorrell and my Colleague Hayet (empower me doula)

We can have a particular topic to explore or we can keep the conversation as a free flow depending on what is happening. Perhaps we could even try something creative during a session
Bring your journal or notebook, bring a book to share or anything special you think might benefit the group

We are ensuring that this a relaxed, informal and easy group with children welcome- a place for like minded parents, parents to be and any women to connect and share our stories, hold space for each other and to express ourselves however we wish.

With tea and snacks flowing, Its bound to be a great session.

We are all equal in this space- no one is a above anyone else- I’m not here to teach or preach something like a lesson or talk down to people. I don’t plan to get ‘professionals’ in. We are creating community. A small patch of what used to be in times gone by. So if this is up your street, we’d love to have you!

Our first group starts on Wednesday 10th April 2019 

Where: Bow, London E3

What time: From 10.30 am til 12.30pm

Any questions please get in touch

bespoke doula services east londonMore about Lorrell: Lorrell is a Mother, Doula, Educator and Visionary- She is bringing a ‘refreshing change’ to the landscape of birth and what it means to be a pregnant person navigating the maternity system. Lorrell believes when we demand to be seen, heard and harness our powers in pregnancy, birth and parenthood, we will create huge change for the experiences of birthing people and babies worldwide

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Contact Lorrell: // 07724 515 337

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