Postnatal Doula

Step confidently into parenthood with a Postnatal Doula!

I want you to have the most satisfying transition into parenthood. I will help you to focus on your healing and parent your baby from a place of balance, alignment, confidence and instinct

So you have given birth or created your ideal birth plan, baby stuff all ready…but do you feel properly prepared for life with a newborn and making sure you are able to recover from birth???

That high feeling after giving birth soon fizzles out then parents commonly report feeling crap very quickly without the adequate support.

Why wing it and try to scrape through when you can have Postpartum Bliss? 

Overcome exhaustion, overwhelm and isolation

We are not meant to have all our shit together when freshly postpartum– even if you are on your 2nd or 6th baby- you become a new mother each and every time so therefore, require the same healing process- in order for you to regain your strength and make an optimal recovery.

This is exactly where I come in to help– I’d love to make your transition into parenthood as smooth as possible for you-both physically, practically and emotionally

You can expect us to spend some quality time together in pregnancy; getting to know one another, chatting and working through any concerns, fears or anxieties you or your partner may have about welcoming a new life into your home. We will prepare your ‘Fourth Trimester’ plan and go through the list of realistic essentials you’ll need for yourself and the baby. When we start working together postnatally; I will create a postnatal experience that feels restful, confident and fulfilling to you.

Everything is taken into consideration – from your ‘Bits’ to your boobs- to your emotional well-being- to your food. I want you to feel like the amazing person you are!

Postnatal Doula Support in London- Postnatal Doula-Postpartum- Bespoke Doula

I bring a calm, loving and positive energy to the support I provide for clients.

Having me as your Doula will make an experience that isn’t short on laughter, genuine connection and sprinkled with an array of generous and thoughtful gifts and additional offerings to beautifully uplift you in body and spirit – No stone will be left unturned to help you feel like the amazing, strong and powerful person that you are and really appreciating and highlighting the importance of this being one of the biggest events in your life.

My services are a live out, during daytime hours (nights can be negotiated). Our sessions will be a minimum of 4 hours each to be able to have the most productive use of our time together per visit. Families typically book postnatal Doula services for the first 6-8 weeks as a minimum. Then the support continues as we stay in touch through the first year.

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See the informational picture below for just a snippet of what I can help you with after the baby arrives. (You could also take advantage of my help for: Meal planning, shopping trips, appointments and outings with baby and other children)

Doula Services East London infographic postnatal doula - newborn photo

I am based in East London and can provide Birth and Postnatal Doula support to families within London and surrounding areas


Hear what the lovely parents I have helped have to say about the support and encouragement I gave them!


Lorrell Ileena- London Doula- Bespoke Doula- Boutique Doula

Lorrell is a Mother, Doula, Educator and Visionary- She is bringing a ‘refreshing change’ to the landscape of birth and what it means to be a pregnant person navigating the maternity system. Lorrell believes when we demand to be seen, heard and harness our powers in pregnancy, birth and parenthood, we will create huge change for the experiences of birthing people and babies worldwide

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