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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

  •  Pregnancy & Birth Support
  • Postnatal Support & Newborn Care
  • Beyond The Fourth Trimester Support – up to 12 months
  • Night Doula Support
  • Cloth Nappy Workshops
  • Newborn Care Masterclass
  • Baby registry & baby essentials shopping list service
  • Virtual Doula
  • Abortion Doula support & escorting service

Where can I find your prices?

Click here to receive a download of my journey + price guide

What does your fee cover?

  • Time spent on call once you reach 37 weeks
  • Your birth- time spent supporting your labour and birth, food, supplies etc.
  • Back up doula fee
  • Costs of Attending conferences and training opportunities- It’s important to me to keep up with all of the most current information in the pregnancy, birth and parenting field
  •  Phone calls, individual research and responding to emails will also require some time commitment
  • Travel costs
  • My own childcare costs- I pay for childcare that is required to be flexible and work around my schedule so I can be on-call for my clients and leave my child with the carer at a moments notice.
  • My expertise and experience regarding birth, the maternity care industry and your local maternity care landscape
  • Photos and editing
  • The possibility of additional services that I will provide if warranted (for example, NICU support, loss/bereavement support, clean-up in the event of a transfer from a planned home birth)
  • 8 weeks of postnatal support
  • Gifts, food and other fun stuff

What is a Doula?/ What is the difference between a Doula and a midwife?

A Dou-WHAT? What does a Doula do- BLOG POST 

I have written another blog about the differences. But to sum it up- I am a non medical support, hired soley for you. I always support and respect your choices for this pregnancy and birth . I am available to you as a non-judgemental friend and confidant, we  focus on planning, addressing fears and build a trusting relationship . I place my focus on your emotional well being instead of clinical assessment. Helping you to feel prepared for and capable of coping with the birth and postpartum.  My care during labour also involves offering physical comfort measures and reassurance, rather than medical checks and documentation.

Do you support clients planning for an epidural or C-section & I get a refund or discount if I need an epidural, c-section or instrumental delivery?

I am happy to support you with any type of birth  🙂

My fee will be the same for a variety of reasons, including that I still spend the same amount of time with you prenatally, at the hospital, and postpartum, and because clients planning medicated or cesarean births often require as much, if not more support than women planning for births with less intervention.  I help you understand your options and how to advocate for the most positive experience for yourself and your baby.

I am not responsible for any birth outcomes- I am purely here to support you in a non medical way. You will receive dedicated postnatal care and support to help you recover and I give you a safe space to unpack your feelings surrounding birth trauma.

Do I need a Doula if I am having a Homebirth and I know my Midwife?

If you are being attended by a homebirth midwife, she may have various tasks , duties and checks to do whilst caring for you .Additionally, many homebirth midwives like to give clients space to labour with their partner undisturbed, which means that they may only come into your immediate space when its time to check the baby, take your blood pressure or make some other clinical checks.   Finally, it is important to note that need for pain relief is the number one reason women transfer to the hospital from planned home births — so having a doula can really help reduce this chance, especially if you are a first time parent.  As a result, having the care of midwives, whether hospital or homebirth, can still benefit immensely from doula support, and so, clients will often hire a doula to fill that gap.

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Will you replace my partner or birth partner?

Not at all! I am here to support you both and encourage your partner/s to take an active role in the birth (if they want to!) Read this blog about birth partners

Why should I hire a Doula if I can have my family around instead for FREE?

I have written a blog post on this! read it here (click)

Doulas are professionals who are specially trained to provide physical comfort measures, emotional support and accurate information before, during and after birth. I am able to enhance your existing support system by serving as a third party dedicated only to you. Family members are understandably emotionally invested and often see your birth through the lens of their own biases and experiences. This is going to make it difficult to identify and be confident in your own instincts, preferences and needs. My  role is to hold space for you and your partner to claim your own power as parents and you to bring your baby into this world on your terms.

After birth, parents often find that the family they expected to help are more interested in holding the baby and visiting, creating pressure to entertain and you to pass the baby around when you should be resting and bonding. My role is to be a non-invasive, helpful presence in your home, giving you and your partner the breathing room you need to rest and care for yourselves and your baby.

Which hospitals do you cover?

I support families in any London Hospital or Birth Centre you choose to birth in.

My midwife comes to check on me for up to 6 weeks post birth- What is the point in a Postnatal Doula then?

The postnatal visits are great, but usually brief and do not allow for much resting. Nor will your midwife be tidying up or taking you out for a massage. My support is intensive, inclusive and always adaptable to your changing needs as a new parent.

Will the NHS or private insurance cover a Doula?

The NHS does not cover your Doula care/support. Most health insurance doesn’t cover pregnancy expenses – So the cost of my Doula services are going to be out of pocket

What is outside your scope of practice as my doula?/What are your boundaries?

  • Speak out on your behalf to your care providers
  • Driving you anywhere
  • Act as a dedicated care giver to your other children or family During birth & postpartum
  • Sleep training using cry it out or similar methods
  • Telling you what to do with your baby
  • Providing medical care, procedures or treatment for you and your baby. Acting as your Midwife. making clinical diagnosis
  • Deep cleaning of your home

Would you refund Postnatal care fees ?

Refunds are not available; if I am forced to miss any pre-paid/scheduled visits due to another client going into labour, illness or similar, we will either reschedule the previously purchased time or I will call in backup care, depending on your preference.

How do I secure my booking with you as my Doula?

Paying your deposit plus signing of contract will secure my services for you as a Doula. The full balance is required to be paid in full by 35 weeks gestation

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes I do-  please enquire about them if you are ready to book

Doulas seem so expensive! how can I afford your services?

I have written a blog post about this: http://lorrellthedoula.co.uk/can-i-afford-this-the-price-of-a-doula

Please speak to me about payment plans to spread the cost if you need it

Where can I follow you on Social Media?



What areas do you cover?

I support families in London and surrounding areas. I am based in East London

Do you only support natural births and homebirths?

No, I support births in all settings – Hospitals , Homes and birth centres across London and surrounding areas

Are you the right Doula for me?

Check out my blog HERE to find out

Where Can I find your feedback/testimonials from parents you have supported?

Find them HERE 

Which Doula Training Programme are you taking?

I am taking the awesome, badass Dynamo Doula Training Programme with Angela Gallo. It’s brilliantly comprehensive and thorough and the content I have been soaking in is on level with College/Uni education


Lorrell The Doula Contact Details

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