Do you want to survive or thrive motherhood?

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February 14, 2019
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April 4, 2019
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Do you want to survive or thrive motherhood?

Who REALLY wants a ‘less-than’ experience? I certainly didn’t

As a first time mum I was told ‘oh just go with whatever then you can have a good 2nd birth’…Errr..NO I want the best experience first time, thank you


If you had the choice- and nothing was in your way- would you pick a rusty, smelly, dented car with the cracked window for your BIG journey?

Sure, it can get you from A to B, you’ll survive the ride, if not a bit shell shocked and worse for wear at the end.




Would you prefer to ride in a range rover evoque (my dream car) and have the smoothest, most fun, luxurious ride in style?

The road ahead has some rough terrain ahead and some deep muddy puddles; but you bet that Range Rover can help you to navigate them much easier than its rusty counterpart!

What would the world be like if ALL mothers had the most empowered and beautiful birth experience?

I believe it’s possible and I am here to make that happen as I share my message and speak my truth.and work with my clients to change the landscape and culture of pregnancy birth and parenthood!


Lets no longer survive, lets thrive


Lets feel deeply, feel inspired, step into our powers, surround ourselves with people who will lift us up and support us to dream big, to take up  space and listen to your inner voice, to help you live this experience and live life.


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More about Lorrell: Lorrell is a Mother, Doula, Educator and Visionary- She is bringing a ‘refreshing change’ to the landscape of birth and what it means to be a pregnant person navigating the maternity system. Lorrell believes when we demand to be seen, heard and harness our powers in pregnancy, birth and parenthood, we will create huge change for the experiences of birthing people and babies worldwide


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