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August 21, 2018
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I get it, hiring a Doula won’t be ‘cheap’

Firstly, the unique an dedicated care you will receive from me as your Doula is incredibly personal for both you (the client) and me. ​I am​ giving ​my​ time, expertise and knowledge, resources, and heart, not to mention being a part of such an intimate experience. The value of that alone is priceless!
Postnatal Doula support ​especially ,​includes witnessing and guiding women and families through the transition into parenthood.

It is super rewarding work being a Doula, but it certainly is not light work.

Having a baby can seem expensive and be overwhelming when it comes to all of things that are advertised to new parents. That is when you and your partner need to decide where your money would be best spent.

I think we seriously need to deeply question why people are so reluctant to invest some time and/or money to prepare for their pending births and postpartum. This reluctance to spend much or consider doing so, is a direct reflection how little current birth climate and culture values motherhood,the importance and impact that birth has on women, and on society as a whole.

Its not JUST about the birth itself- as your doula we spend quality time together during your pregnancy to create a deep connection, trust and friendship. We will get to know each other – sharing laughs, tears & victories. I share vital information about birth choices , birth preparation,hospital policies and how to navigate them, supporting your partner as a key person that’s involved in your birth experience plus a whole lot more .. I could go on forever! AND lets not forget the postpartum period- equally as important to consider when thinking about having a baby.

There are always ways to achieve hiring a doula, if that is your goal.

Here is a list of TOP TIPS on how to afford a Doula:

– Hit up the second hand sale sites for bargains on baby stuff- save money on good quality clothes and toys

– Having a baby shower? Ask your guests to bring a little donation towards a cost of a Doula instead of a gift

– Payment plans – you can split the cost of a Doula over several payments to make it easier especially if you book early

– Flex the plastic- use a credit card to pay for your Doula services then pay back the cost in small, manageable chunks

– Skip some of the baby gear and gadgets- babies don’t need lots of stuff- keep it simple mum & dad!

– Have a clear out! sell your old stuff for cash- easy money to add to the Doula fund

– Give up your guilty pleasure! Do you love a takeout lunch and dinner- try cutting back and saving those pennies to put towards a Doula cost

“Price is what you pay, Value is what you get”


So, I have a question for you…

What value do you place on yourself? What value do you place on having an amazing, healthy and positive birth and postnatal experience?

Memories of these precious events in your life will last for many years to come- why not make it count? Birth and parenting a newborn is one of the BIGGEST events in your lives- on par or perhaps even more important than your wedding day

You deserve it- after all you are growing and carrying a small human right now which is a big fricken deal!

(Also bear in mind the costs of travel, supplies, keeping up to date with the latest knowledge, attending classes and workshops for Doulas and childcare costs for my own family are included in the price of support)

I am happy to offer payment plans to all of my clients because I believe that although you don’t NEED a doula, you certainly deserve one! So I want to make it a​cheiveable​ whilst ensuring you get the best support you need from me

Are you ready to have your BEST birth and postnatal recovery? Want to learn more about my birth and postnatal doula packages?

Simply email or message me for a chat

Lorrell xx

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