Am I the Doula for you?

Dads and partners are important too!
October 12, 2018
Not feeling that pregnancy glow yet? I am here for you
November 16, 2018
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Am I The Doula For YOU?

When we work together, I can take you from feeling unprepared, worried and fearful about your birth to having a full plan of action how to have a healthy and happy pregnancy, a powerful amazing Birth and then onto having a thriving, restful postnatal period that you want and deserve.

I’m The Doula For You If…

  • You are open to the idea that birth is, for the most part, a normal and beautiful event rather than a big medical emergency that people need saving from
  • You are open to expanding your ideas about pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • You love to have a laugh
  • You like to be a bit different
  • You’re thinking about eating your placenta or planting it under a tree

Lorrell Ileena – London Doula

Now you know we could be a great fit , here is what you can expect from me

Great listener and excellent communicator

Caring , loving and compassionate

Calming presence

Realistic and straight up but not fear-mongering or putting a downer on everything

Vibrant, energetic , modern approach: need to get out the house? lets go for a pedicure!…worried about your postpartum body?..I’ll show you where to buy some fun yet comfortable underwear!  Desperate for a baby-free date with your other half?..No problem! I’ll babysit baba while you enjoy yourself!

Up for having a laugh, sense of humour!

Love exploring new ideas and places, learning about and sharing natural healing methods, natural baby care (products, remedies etc) and nourishing foods

Open to learning new things and working with a variety of couples

I am also a BIG fan of cloth nappies

I am based in East London. Supporting  families that live in London and Surrounding areas

Want to work together?…. Lets talk!

More about me  (click here)

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