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Lorrell Ileena

Black mother

Home birther and home birth enthusiast

Birth rights activist

Multiple passionista

These are some of the titles I use to describe myself, my essence and my work as a Doula.
I’m a very easy going, friendly and intuitive person with a hint of fire that’s not afraid to come out to play when its needed. My closest friends would describe me as funny, knowledgeable, a great listener with a calm, loving nature and energy. They would also tell you I’m pretty straight talking and like to keep it real- but without creating fear or self doubt
I’m naturally a big giver and I thrive at my best when I am able to give generously with my time, with gifts, sharing information and spreading awareness on topics close to my heart.
I’ve always loved all things pregnancy and birth related since I was really young but I never felt my true calling was to become a midwife. So, when I heard about Doulas – I knew that this was for me!
My Home Birth was an amazing, powerful experience for me – as a woman, and also a lesson in learning to let go and ‘trust’ my body to birth my son. The power I felt has ultimately further fuelled my interests and passions for this work.
Although my pregnancy was normal,I had a lot of stress and pressure towards the end of my pregnancy regarding my choice to have a Home Birth and found myself facing commonly used,  fear-inducing language such as ‘risk’ and ‘haemorrhage’. I sought some help from a Doula. Her support, knowledge and reassurance was invaluable to me as a stressed, hormonal first time pregnant mum; and so, I was inspired to become a Doula myself after I gave birth.
I have a keen interest in natural, holistic health and well being and enjoy incorporating it into my family life. I am always researching and learning new information and I like to share my natural parenting, food and beauty tips and finds via my social media platforms. I am happy to share this information with clients who are interested in learning more about natural health and parenting; but by no means will I force it onto you. I’m all about being guided by my client’s interests and offer support where needed on what they feel is important to them.
When I’m not working or talking about babies, boobs, vaginas and birth, I am spending time with my beautiful son and husband. You may also find me Singing to my favourite soundtracks – from musical theatre shows I’ve been to – in my living room; watching birth videos for fun, or curled up getting totally engrossed in a Juicy book on my kindle.
Previous work experience and Training

I am taking the awesome, badass Dynamo Doula Training Programme with Angela Gallo. It’s brilliantly comprehensive and thorough and the content I have been soaking in is on level with College/Uni education

I am a qualified Nurse of  5 years, working in the field of health visiting, community nursing, gynaecology, sexual health, pregnancy loss and termination.

I also trained with Community Parents – a volunteer scheme in Tower Hamlets where I have supported local families in pregnancy and the first year of parenthood ; through one to one support and facilitating workshops.

“Motherwarming” – traditional postnatal techniques for birthkeepers workshop – with Nicola Goodall

Nafsa ‘Newborn Mothers’  workshop on traditional postpartum healing – with Layla B

Spinning Babies Workshop – London – with Rachel Shapiro

Through my life experience, skills, training and knowledge, I passionately believe that the education, support and care I can offer as a Doula will enhance a woman and her family’s experience of this precious and memorable time of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

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Feedback: Hear what the lovely parents I have helped have to say about the support and encouragement I gave them!


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